Why Kindermusik?

Babies Meeting
“Gee, But It’s Great to Meet a Friend”

Why Kindermusik?

Sing, dance, grow, laugh, and love music – together!

Your little one is growing up so fast.  You want to savor every precious moment and make as many memories as you can.  You want to give your child every opportunity and take advantage of those early windows for bonding and learning, but in a way that doesn’t rush childhood.  You’d like to encourage your child’s musical side in a way that will be fun and foster a lifelong love for music.

Kindermusik® classes offer all of this and more. You’ll love how Kindermusik classes engage your child’s voice, body, mind, and heart.  Together we’ll nurture your child’s curiosity, inspire imagination and creativity, foster a love of music, and develop a core foundation of musical understanding – a foundation that your child will build on with their friends in our Piano PLUS class designed to take them to the next step after graduating from our Kindermusik program.

Best of all, you and your child will grow closer as you share together joyful musical experiences here in our Kindermusik program at Music4Kids!

Loved by Families Worldwide!

Kindermusik is the premier music and movement curriculum for young children, enjoyed by over 2 million families around the world…and for good reasons:




What Parents Are Saying. . .

[My children] love the variety of songs and instruments. It’s also great to learn the names of kids and parents at each class. Deb is amazing…makes music fun. Always prepared and class is so well organized.

— Debbie Paciorek (Kindermusik Level 2 Class)

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