Student Portal

You must register and receive your log-in information before you can access the student portal.

If you are a Music4Kids member and do not have the information needed to set up your student portal,  let us know at  and we will send it to you.


Log into your student portal:


In your student portal you can:

  • Register for a class or Playdate

1.  Log into your child’s student portal
2.  Click on the calendar button on the top left.
3.  Find the Playdate on the calendar and click on it, then click  “Register”.
4.  Choose the date(s) you wish to register for and click “OK”.
      You will see your child’s name in the Playdate entry on the calendar.
5.  If you are bringing a sibling and/or friend, please email us at and provide the child(rens) name(s) and age(s) and we will add them to your registration.

  • View and update your contact information

1.  Click “Settings” in the top right corner.
2.  Select “My Preferences” from the drop down menu to update your Personal Information and your child’s (student) Information.

  • View and update your payment information

1.  Click “Settings” in the top right corner
2.  Select “My Preferences” from the drop down menu
3.  Locate the “Stored Payment Options” section under your personal information
4.  Click on the first blue button to edit the information or click “add card” or the red trash can to delete

  • and more…go check it out!  Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Receive our monthly schedule including weekly classes and special events.

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