• Baby Playing Rainbo Shaker
    Babies Love the Mini Rain Maker. . .
  • Babies Meeting
    "Gee, But It's Great to Meet a Friend"
  • Toddler Holding Rhythms Sticks
    I LOVE to collect rhythm sticks!
  • Preschooler Playing Rhythm Sticks
    How many different ways can YOU find to play rhythm sticks?
  • Preschooler Pretending to Look Out a Window
    "I Look Out My Window at the Start of Every Day..."
  • Toddler Playing Egg Shakers
    Playing egg shakers is my FAVORITE part of Kindermusik class!
  • Toddler Laughing Playing with Parachute
    Parachute and Balls...Hooray!!
  • Babies Playing Drums
    YAY!! We Get to Play the Drums Today!
  • Family Time with Drums
    Kindermusik Family Time is the BEST time of the week!
  • Toddlers Wearing I Love Kindermusik Shirts
    We Love Kindermusik!!