Music Classes for Ages 8 and Older

Music Classes for Ages 8 and Older

I encourage children to start  with piano.  Piano is the best instrument to learn before taking lessons on any other instrument.  The visual design of the piano keyboard makes music theory easier to comprehend which will give your child an advantage in any future music lessons.

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Group piano classes are a fun and economical way for your child to learn the basics of piano playing.  After a year in the class, the group may wish to continue in a group format or move into private lessons.

Piano PLUS for Kindermusik Graduates

Many parents ask me, “What comes after Kindermusik?”  Your child can continue with their Kindermusik friends in Piano PLUS which provides an excellent foundation for private lessons or band, strings or chorus.

The Piano PLUS class is designed for Kindermusik graduates.  It is a fun and economical way for your child to apply what they’ve learned in Kindermusik to playing the piano. 

Your young musician will enjoy continuing on with the Kindermusik classmates that have been learning together for at least two years!  The group setting also allows for playing music games and some friendly rivalry that helps with motivation to practice!

The PLUS means that your child will continue playing the recorder and participating in ensembles combining singing,  the glockenspiel, recorder, keyboard, and a variety of percussion instruments.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in beginning piano, guitar, and voice. Call us at 541-583-0123 for more information and available lesson times.

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