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What Parents Are Saying. . .

“Emily can’t wait till the next week to go to class!”

— Dad of Kindermusik Student

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Music Classes & Lessons

Many parents ask me, “What comes after Kindermusik?”  Your child can continue with their Kindermusik friends in Piano PLUS which provides an excellent foundation for private lessons or band, strings or chorus.

Piano PLUS

The Piano PLUS class is designed for Kindermusik graduates.  It is a fun and economical way for your child to apply what they’ve learned in Kindermusik to playing the piano.  Piano is the best instrument to learn before taking lessons on any other instrument.  The visual design of the piano keyboard makes music theory easier to comprehend which will give your child an advantage in any future music lessons.

Your young musician will enjoy continuing on with the Kindermusik classmates that have been learning together for at least two years!  The group setting also allows for playing music games and some friendly rivalry that helps with motivation to practice!

The PLUS part of the class means that your child will continue progressing in recorder playing which they begin in the last semester of Kindermusik.  As your child is maturing in their fine motor skills the recorder becomes even easier to play.  We will also continue to create ensembles by combining the recorder, keyboard and all the other instruments we learned to play in Kindermusik.

Guitar, Drumming, Strings, and Voice

Over the years I have offered classes in all these areas and am willing to consider scheduling one of these classes if there are four or more students who are interested.  I sometimes offer one or more of these classes in the summer.

Private Lessons

I teach private lessons in beginning piano, guitar, and voice.  Priority for lesson times goes to students who have completed the Kindermusik program.