Classes for Infants to Age 7

Kindermusik® grows with your child, with classes for every age and every stage. You can enjoy classes year-round and move your child up to the next class level when he or she is ready. Family Time for all ages (0-7 years) provides the convenience of one class for you and all the children in your family.


Cuddle & Bounce for 0s and 1s

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You and your baby will dance, rock, bounce, play baby-safe instruments and connect with other new parents who are sharing the same joys and challenges.

Welcome to this magical time—this all-too-fleeting first chapter of life when miracles happen daily! Smiles, tender moments and joyful play together with your little one will make this your favorite time of the week.

Sing & Play for 1s and 2s

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Giggles abound as we sing, learn new music games (sometimes with tickles!), play age-appropriate musical instruments, move, dance, and rock together. 

You will be amazed and delighted as you take a moment amidst all the fun to stand back and watch your toddler grow and begin to walk, talk, sing, play, clap, tap, and dance—all on his or her own!

Wiggle & Grow for 2s and 3s

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You will love this mix of activities that includes singing, dancing, exploring and playing instruments, and a story time. Despite attempts to be fiercely independent, your little one still needs lots of cuddles and we’ll give lots of opportunities for those special moments.  Your child will also practice active listening, turn-taking, self-control, and social skills, as well as develop their gross and fine-motor skills.

Laugh & Learn for 3s and 4s

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Children love the singing, storytelling, instruments and creative play in Laugh & Learn! Your child will also develop self-confidence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control which sets the stage for readiness in school and in Kindermusik for the Young Child.

We’ll foster your child’s independence as class begins with 30 minutes of learning with peers and the teacher, followed by an invitation for caregivers and siblings to join in the last 10-15 minutes of class for a special Sharing Time.   As you wait for the sharing time, you’ll find a connection with other parents who share in the wonder of parenting a preschooler.

Move & Groove for 4s and 5s

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While in younger classes we introduce music concepts in everyday language, in Move & Groove we begin to build a knowledge of standard music vocabulary & notation.  We also explore basic piano keyboard skills and experience music from a variety of cultures, musical instruments, and famous composers.

Your child will experience new challenges as we introduce new levels of instrument play, singing, and creative movement and dance.  We’ll also continue our weekly story time.  As in younger classes, Move & Groove activities are designed to promote  language, social and emotional skills, math and literacy.

Kindermusik for the Young Child for 5s, 6s and 7s

Meets October through May

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Your child is now ready to play a wider variety of instruments.  Your child will learn play the glockenspiel (pre-keyboard instrument), the dulcimer (a string instrument) and the recorder (a woodwind instrument).  Singing activities are also designed to help your child to explore and begin to develop his or her own instrument—the voice.  We will build a knowledge of standard music vocabulary, read and write music notation, learn about instruments of the orchestra, and explore music of many different genres and world cultures.  Students who graduate from this two year program are invited to move up to our Piano PLUS class to continue learning with their Kindermusik friends.  They are also well-prepared for private or group music lessons on any instrument.

Children LOVE the instruments and materials they receive, including a Kindermusik carry bag, an instrument quality glockenspiel, and a set of rhythm sticks.  Every 4 months students also receive a folder, a music CD  and a song book. In addition, each week they receive a sticker to put on their folder, a home activity card and an activity page.  In the second year the children receive a 2-string dulcimer and a recorder.

Family Time for Ages 0-7

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From the first “Hello” song to the last “Goodbye,” you and your children will find yourselves smiling and laughing as you dance, sing, bounce and learn together.  Movement activities enhance coordination skills and create opportunities for imitation and exploration. We’ll play a variety of instruments appropriate for each age – even the baby!  Your children will love the storytime which brings life to the monthly theme and also promotes their budding language skills.

It’s hard to find time for things you can all do together as a family, so that’s why Kindermusik is so special. See how music can help your family laugh and play together, learn from each other, and enjoy music together.


Kindermusik @ Home – Your Online Portal to Home Activities

We believe that you are your child’s first and most important teacher. We also know that your child learns best through repetition, and that often they learn best where they’re most comfortable – at home. Your Kindermusik online portal allows you to take Kindermusik from class to home where the games, songs, dances, books, and quiet times make it easy for you to infuse music, joy, learning, and togetherness into your daily routine.

Just like a Kindermusik class, your Kindermusik Home Materials provide stepping stones for growth, building on the learning from one class to the next. All the activities are thoughtfully and creatively designed to help you and your child receive the full developmental benefits of music and movement.

What Parents Are Saying. . .

We enjoy meeting other babies. Sharing instruments and singing and dancing together are the most enjoyable things. Drumming is his favorite. Thanks for your passion for teaching our son. We can feel how much you love babies. We are enjoying this music class and are looking forward to learning more music and instruments in the future.

— Julia (Cuddle & Bounce Class)
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