Celebrating Family

celebrating family


celebrating family.   Family is at the heart of everyone’s life.  We have our natural family from birth where we grow and learn and feel loved and accepted.  Then we all have other groups of people who become important to us and become like a family in the sense that we care about each other, worry when difficult things happen to one of the members, band together to help whenever it’s needed, and provide emotional support.  Research studies show that people who are an active part of a community such as a church or other group of caring friends stay healthier and live longer.  We all need an atmosphere of love to live in.

So that brings us to Music4Kids.  Why are we here?  We truly believe all of the amazing benefits of music for your child and how it positively impacts their development in every area – brain development, social and emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and, of course, musical development.  We know that Kindermusik helps in parenting, in establishing close and loving relationships between you and your child, in bringing joy to life.  We believe every child and every family would benefit from participating in Kindermusik and continuing on into piano classes and more advanced music training.

But even more important than the benefits of music are the benefits of being part of a caring group of people that you come to know and share experiences and memories with.  That is our greatest vision for Music4Kids.  We strive to create an atmosphere where you and your child can come and get to know other parents and children who become a caring and supportive community.  A place where you can come and forget the difficulties of life for a little while and sing and play and giggle and pretend to be riding a horse or chug-chugging on a train.  A family atmosphere where everyone feels loved and accepted and relaxed.  Where you can BREATHE.

That is the goal of Music4Kids.  Along the way, the music will do all the wonderful things for your child’s development and for your family that music does.  But the relationships of love and caring that we develop together are the most important thing.  Always.

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My child’s favorite activity is dancing with scarves and shakers. Miss Deb is creative, energetic, enthusiastic, always upbeat and very knowledgeable.

— Michelle Kennedy (Kindermusik Level 4 Class)

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