Baby and Me Yoga

Music4Kids Prenatal and Baby and Me Yoga classes create a safe and supportive space for moms and their new babies to connect, move, and play together.

This 8-Week Series is designed for postnatal moms and their babies from 6 weeks of age until crawling. Each class builds upon the one before and is formatted to give mommy some feel-good exercise while keeping baby’s interest.  Experience fun, dynamic and engaging classes where you can learn to:

• Ease common discomforts
• Safely strengthen the postnatal body
• Encourage baby’s development through stretching, song, games, and tactile stimulation
• Practice self-care with your little one
• Meet other moms with babies!

Massage, gentle stretches, sounds, and games for baby are combined with relaxation techniques, core-strengtheners, flowing yoga asanas, and calming restorative time for mom. Babies are incorporated into some of the yoga postures, eye and tactile-contact are always encouraged.

What to bring:

• Your baby, dressed in warm layers
• A thick blanket for baby to lie on
• Whatever you may need to change or feed your little one.  Music4Kids provides a changing table in our waiting room.
• Optional toy for baby



Music4Kids, 141 NW C Street in Grants Pass.  Our door is on the back side of the building facing our parking lot on the corner of D and 5th Streets.

“When I first had my daughter, it was hard to find ways to socialize or even exercise.  Joleen’s classes were the perfect fit for my baby and me. I’ve taken two 5-week Baby & Me courses, and am in love with the way my body has transformed. My pelvic floor is stronger, my core is tighter, and these classes have been a great way to bond with my baby. I learned new baby games that also give me a workout. I’d recommend Baby & Me Yoga to any mom!”

“The Mom and Me Yoga class was perfect and just what I was looking for. This class was great for getting me out of the house during my maternity leave, socialize, bond more with my baby, and feel good about myself. Joleen is a great instructor and was able to magically teach a yoga class while adjusting to the many changing needs of our little ones. I left each class feeling relaxed and positive. I would highly recommend this class to any mama.”

– Krista S.